Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Cesc Fabregas Show

A new TV programme aims to deliver unseen insight into one of the players of this season and one of Europe’s brightest football talents - Cesc Fabregas. The programme has been commissioned and created by Fabregas’s sponsor, Nike.

The programme will be broadcast on Monday 19 May on Sky Sports 1 and forsakes the normal straight interviews or chat show format to deliver a completely alternative view of the player, bringing together the worlds of football, comedy, and entertainment and creating a genuine platform for fans to gain insight into the public athlete and the private person.

The programme - entitled The Cesc Fabregas Show: Nike Live - will be a high energy, one-hour ‘shot as live’ showpiece in front of a studio audience, using mixed media consisting of live interviews, football stunts and pre-shot VT sequences, where the pace will be set by the player himself as he takes his audience on the journey of the life of Cesc Fabregas. More details can be found at:

Cesc the player and Cesc the person are a potent mix of raw talent, courage and a self belief combined with rigorous self criticism and intense hard work. Through the programme we’ll find out what it means to have been the youngest ever scorer for Arsenal, the youngest scorer for Spain in World Cup history, what it takes to be the driving force behind one of Europe’s best club sides, what it was like coming to London from Barcelona aged 14 and who the key people are in his life that have helped him become the person and player he is today.

With a host of cameo appearances from other athletes and stars of the game, we’ll meet team mates, his coach Arsene Wenger and the scout who first spotted Cesc will be in the studio to talk about the talent they saw then, the player he’s become and the future for Arsenal’s midfield maestro.

The approach will mix comedy and a lighthearted, entertaining approach, with pre-shot VT sequences from the likes of Matt Lucas & a series of entertaining sketches designed to bring to life the things that are unique about Cesc.

Fabregas comments: "I'm honoured to have this opportunity. It's not something that you expect so we're going to make it a night to remember."