Saturday, 19 April 2008

Hot Stuff

A feast is being planned for Wednesday evening. As with all good cooking, ingredients are the essence.

To start, visualise the names of the individuals playing for Barcelona and Manchester United football clubs. Now add both sets together. Place them all on a football pitch under spring weather. Expose the group to 97,100 screaming fans - approximately. Add British running and Catalan volatility.

To ignite and add pressure to this European Champions League semi-final, please place into context and heat the mixture. Timing is everything, so we must position one team in this semi-final at its apogee and one at its nadir. This will mean either one will fall from grace or the other will rise gloriously from the abyss.

Remove former World Player of the Year and include two opposing pretenders to the throne.

Please do not forget to add the unpredictable but essential referee element.

All in all, Wednesday's fish and chips and paella concoction could be the most savoury sporting night of the year.


martin said...

i think the world player of the year will be decided on the basis of these two games. personally i think ronaldo should get it - he has been phenomenal this season.

Anonymous said...

maybe like with pancakes the second batch will be better... :)

Chris T said...

It was awful!! Like eating stale bread.

martin said...

it could be the missing away goal that defeats united tonight in the second leg...

Ross said...

I'd like to complain about the abuse and "soccer hooligan" like prejudice displayed by the author of this blog players have feelings too you know?