Thursday, 10 April 2008

A minute's silence or a minute's applause...?

I would like to know your views on the "minute's silence".

Last night Old Trafford held a minute's silence before the second leg of Manchester United's Champions League quarter final clash with Roma, in memory of Mathieu Sprengers, a member of the Uefa executive committee who died on Sunday. However, the referee clearly blew his whistle well before the minute was up, as a section of the crowd (believed to be mainly Roma supporters) were not respecting the silence.

More and more these days I see a minute's applause held instead of a silence. Personally I'm much more in favour of this, as at least it prevents the idiots who don't want to show their respects from being heard. What do you think...?

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Anonymous said...

My vote's for silence - much more powerful as it demands thought (bit like skiing where you have to do the opposite of inclination?). And the oily oiks who feel compelled to shatter the silence pale into insignificance against the hundreds of silent fans reminding us that we are human.