Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Mascarenhas heads for India

Dimitri Mascarenhas has succumbed to the the big bucks and joined a star studded cast of international cricketers, including the likes of Australia's Ricky Ponting and South Africa's Graeme Smith, by signing up for the Indian Premier League with Jaipur. He becomes the first England player to do so, costing the Jaipur side £50,000 at the most recent player auction.

One has to wonder if this will open the floodgates for other English players to follow suit, although having said that would any of them really be that appealing right now?! Kevin Pietersen is the one big name that organisers and fans of the IPL would love to see playing in the league. However, he recently ruled himself out, claiming that the money wouldn't tempt him..... well that remains to be seen.

The real losers here are going to be the counties and their fans. With the massively superior financial benefits of playing abroad in India, county sides are not going to be able to compete, and the County cricket scene risks becoming a graveyard for has been stars, much like the American soccer league (MLS).