Thursday, 13 March 2008

He's (still) got jungle fever...

It's a sad day when a former international sports star introduces themself first and foremost as a ex-winner on a celebrity game show. This is exactly what happened on last night's "Sports Relief Does The Apprentice" when Phil Tufnell referred to himself on the phone as "Phil Tufnell, King of the Jungle"!

Let's be clear, he'll never be know as "The King of Spin". However, he did still play over 40 tests for England and 20 one day internationals, taking 140 wickets wickets in the process.

I mean that's got to be worth something Phil, surely?! Better than likening yourself to a chimpanzee anyway. My bet is that it will be Tuffers who gets hit for six by Sir Alan on tomorrow's sports relief final.